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Getting your home in shape for 2015!
Posted: January 16, 2015 by No name

With the start of the new year it’s time to get your house in shape. Whether or not you are looking to sell in 2015, giving your house a makeover for the new year is a great idea. While giving your house a makeover can seem overwhelming, developing a plan and focusing on a few activities that will have the biggest impact will have your home in shape in no time.


Here are a few tips on where to get started:




Winter may be a bad time to paint the outside of your house in most places, but it's a great time to freshen up the inside. While most experts agree that the inside should be repainted every five years, you don’t have to repaint every wall at the same time. Instead, focus one room at a time.


Clean Windows


Cleaner windows not only look better, but they also let in more light and can brighten up a room. Just like painting, winter may mean just working on the insides of the windows, but even that will make a big difference.


One Room at a Time


When working on getting your house in shape you can’t do everything at once. Pick a single room and focus all of your efforts there. That is a great way to make progress that will motivate you to keep going. If you start on your front room, you can freshen up the painting, clean the windows, and maybe open up the room by getting rid of old furniture and buying a few nice accent pieces. You will be thrilled as you see your house looking better every time you come in or go out. After finishing the front room, you can keep working one room at a time until the entire house is done.


Let 2015 be the year you finally got your house into shape!


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