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Top 5 Benefits of Fruit-Infused Water to Beat Desert Dehydration

Posted: April 14, 2021 by Coldwell Banker

According to Medical News Today, dehydration is known to be linked to headaches, digestive problems, obesity, and joint pain. Here are 5 benefits of fruit-infused water to beat desert dehydration.

  1. Infusing your water with fruits, herbs, or flowers not only improves the flavor but also adds essential vitamins that help your body.

  2. They can replace store-bought flavored waters that may have preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colors, sodium, dextrose, and refined sugars.

  3. The flavor helps young children increase their water intake.

  4. Staying hydrated can build up your immune system, regulate blood
    sugar and help with weight management. 

  5. Drinking infused water can give you a boost of energy before an intense workout.


Tips on making Hydrating Infused Water

Making infused waters is like making a vegetable stew; you are not going to ruin the stew if you add an extra cup of carrots, for instance. Use your best judgment and err on the side of adding more fruit rather than less. Here are a couple of things to consider before you start experimenting to help you find the flavors that your taste buds crave.  


Citrus rinds

Citrus fruits add another layer of flavor, but if you add more than a slice, be sure to remove the rinds! Those produce a bitter flavor and can ruin the taste. These bottles from Amazon are great to filter out the seeds found in citrus fruits as well.  


Herb combinations
Before experimenting with herb and fruit combinations, do your research to find out what flavors pair well with each other. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with adding mint.


Sweet fruits
Sweet fruits such as strawberries or pineapple make great additions to your water, especially for kids, encouraging them to drink more water on hot summer days. If you find you’ve added too much, the good news is, you can just add ice to make it less potent! 

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